GoFund Me

GoFundMe Pavilion

We believe in frontline heroes.

Do you?

We are a group of employees, their friends, family, volunteers, and donors who believe in silent heroes of COVID-19: doctors, nurses, firefighters, first responders, and frontline health workers. Without them, none of us would have a health service.

Thanks to our GoFundMe supporters, the employees of Pavilion and Petergof, our friends and family, we delivered thousands of meals to frontline workers.

If you believe in heroes, join our forces by:

  1. Following this link to our GoFund Me page

  2. Picking how many heroes you would like to help:

Feed 1 First Responder: $10

Feed 5 First Responders: $50

Feed 10 First Responders: $100

Feed a Village: Give as much as you can,

and we’ll use 100% of the proceeds to feed frontline workers.

  1. Spreading the word.