Quick Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal

Written by Mila Furman, the Girl and the Kitchen

Girl and the Kitchen




Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Sadly, too many of us miss it.  Thanks to this little baby, I am no longer one of those people.  I am full and happy.

I was one of those awful people who never ate breakfast.  I would grab my coffee and run out of the house.  Hubs would yell at me and tell me that’s why I am not seeing the results I want…and that’s why I’m always sick…bla bla bla…

I ignored him and that hunger that reared its ugly head around 10am and by 11am I was ready to eat lunch, dinner, a white chocolate mocha, a quarter pounder with cheese…and a diet coke.  I also found myself over eating for the rest of the day.

What they say happens to be true… if you do not set yourself up the right way in the morning the rest of your day is bound to be an epic fail.  In my case it typically is.



Back in July when I decided to eat more and weigh less (it works I promise) I devoted myself to having a healthy and filling meal at every meal time, breakfast was no exception.  My only issue was time.

I am NOT a morning person.  AT ALL.

I enjoy waking up for early morning flights to fun destinations and I have to wake up for my munchkin because she needs me.  Other than that.  No thank you morning.  Keep your earliness to yourself!

However, like the rest of us normal people I do have a job I go to…and my mornings start at 6:30am.  Somehow by the time I have dressed, washed, changed outfits, dressed the munchkin, packed our lunches, changed outfits again, there is no time for breakfast.

While I do get my food all dolled up on the weekends, like mine and hubs favorite Salmon Eggwich.

The weekdays are for easy things, like smoothies and oats.

So I came up with this little miracle breakfast out of necessity to eat and to do so quickly.  Plus it’s absolutely delicious.  Did you know I will not eat gross tasting food?  No I absolutely will not.  I have a physical repulsion to it.  I start gagging and dry heaving…it’s not pretty.

This is strawberries and cream oatmeal.



I was inspired by that gross powdery sugary stuff that comes in packets.  You know the one, with that smug old dude in the weird hat on the front.

I secretly loved the stuff.  I couldn’t help it!  It was just so freaking delicious!  Like YUM!  But if you bother to look at the back and see how much sugar there is on there…it’s a bit scary.  Also, right on the front it says ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED.

You know what scares me?  People are so immune to seeing the term “artificial” the big companies do not even have try to hide it in some fancy marketing ploy.  They put it right there on the front and we just glaze over it and see the pretty shiny staged photo and throw it in our carts.  Take a moment and think about that.  Stop the madness!!! These strawberries guys, they are NOT real.  At all.  Not even freeze-dried.  They are man-made in some factory by a scientist.  Yes your adorable strawberries are fake.  Just let that sink in.

These however are not…



I mean I am not some insane health freak…I downed plenty of buffalo wings over Super Bowl this past weekend.  And I do on occasion love indulging in some fries or burgers or pizza.  Mmmmm pizza.

I digress, as usual.

BUT under no circumstances do I want to eat artificially flavored and colored fake food on a daily basis.

So again out out of my necessity for clean, quick and delicious food…this little baby was born.  In fact, that’s how most of my food is born.  And honestly guys, I LOVE IT… like seriously I look forward to it every morning.  OMG it’s like dessert good.  I can make this at home or at the work office in no time.  For breakfast or lunch or when I am super desperate and working late, for a depressing and lonely office dinner.  #Winning.

I took 1/4 cup of instant steel cut oats, I really like the McCann’a brand but honestly any brand will do.



And then I added 3 sliced strawberries, 1 stevia packet…you can use sugar or anything else…or nothing else.  I prefer it sweet.  Then I add 1/4 cup of water and 3 tbsp of whole milk or any other dairy you prefer.  That’s the creamy part.  That’s it guys.  That’s all that goes in there.



Nuke it for 1 and a half minutes and you are done.  Give it a good mix when it comes out of the microwave and take a nice long whiff.   Good stuff huh?  Let it cool!  Hot oatmeal sucks.  I practically got third degree burns when this stuff boiled over on my hand.  LET. IT. COOL.

The munchkin was actually quite impressed with this as well.  And proceeded to eat ALL OF MINE.  Glad it only takes me another 2 minutes to whip it up real quick :)

I like to pair this up with a good 2 eggwhite spinach omelette and my coffee and I feel full for HOURS.  BTW…have you seen my tutorial for an omelette?  Cuz it’s a great one!


Happy CLEAN Eating!



  • ¼ cup Instant Steel Cut Oats
  • 3 medium sized strawberries, de-stemmed and sliced thinly
  • ¼ cup of water
  • 1 stevia packet or any other sweet additive (honey, sugar, etc)
  • 3 tbsp whole milk or other dairy you prefer


  1. Combine everything in a microwave safe container.
  2. Heat in microwave for 2 minutes on high (may need to adjust time depending on strength of microwave).
  3. Remove CAREFULLY as it will be very hot, stir and let stand for 5 minutes until cool enough to eat.

By: Mila Furman

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